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[EF#16] – Greed Over Small Gains, Brings Big Losses


Because there were some circumstances i couldn’t join the English Friday’s challange. And now, I can participate again. It feels awkward and confusing to make a sentence after a long time not write anything in English. I realize my English skill not become better. So sad. But at least, I tried. Okay, theme of this week is to tell about your favorite Indonesian tales, also the values that you can get from it to be applied in our life.

And, my favorite Indonesian tale is “Lebai Malang” from West Sumatra. He is an unfortunate man because of his own actions.


lebai malang

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Once upon a time there was a man who lived on the bank of a river. He was a religious teacher, then people called him “Lebai”.

One day, Lebai received an invitation to the feast of two rich people from neighbour villages. Unfortunately, the feast was going on the same hour of the same day. Lebai thought about the profit of each invitation. He wasn’t able to make decisions which village to visit first. He thought, if he went to the feast in upstream village the host would give him presents two head buffalo head. However, he wasn’t familiar with the host. According to the news, the upstream village cuisine wasn’t as good as the downstream village cuisine.

If he went to the feast in downstream village, he would be rewarded with a tasty cooked buffalo head. He also knew the host very well. However, the host at upstream village will give him additional pastries. Until he began paddling the boat to the place of the feast, he hasn’t been able to decide which feast will be chosen.

First, he pedaled his boat headed upstream village, then on the way he changed his mind. He turned his boat paddle headed downstream village. Once he arrived at the downstream. He saw some guests headed upstream. The guest said that the buffalo which slaughtered there was very thin. Then, he changed the direction of his boat towards the upstream. After he arrived at the edge of upstream village, he saw the guests left the host’s home, the feast was over.

Lebai quickly pedaling his boat to the village downstream. Unfortunately, the feast also was over. Lebai didn’t got a buffalo head just like that he wants. At that time he was very hungry, so he decided to fishing and hunting. He brought supplies of rice and his beloved dog.

He was fishing for awhile and his hook eaten by fish. But the hook caught in the riverbed. Then, Lebai plunge into the river to take the fish. But, the fish escape. The dogs which he left on the boat ate his rice supplies. In the end, he got nothing. So, because of his misfortune fate, people gave him the nickname “Lebai Malang”.


The value that we can take from the story is don’t be a greedy human over something. Because greed is bad trait that will harm yourself. From what i see, greedy people will never be happy because they don’t know how to be grateful. Be people who are sincere and grateful, then our lives will filled with blessings. I hope the story above can be a reflection for our lives.

[EF#6] There’s another person in me


Wheeeww… I think English Friday’s theme for this week is quite challenging and scary for me. I wish after you all read this post, you’re not think me as psycho or something *grin. As i quoted from Wikipedia, an Alter ego is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person’s normal or original personality. But to make it simple, I assume that an alter ego is like a person who have multiple personality. Did i have an alter ego ?. I don’t know if what I was going through included in the an alter ego category. But let me share the story.

I’m not a person which like i was before. I still remember i used to be cheerful kid who hyperactive and talk-active. My parents always angry and begged me to stay calm and graceful like a girl normally. I always been the first who take the initiative to make friends. I’ve had many friends. I was a brave, blunt and loudly girl. Some people told me that i am tomboy, but i think it’s not like that. I love to sew, knit, cross-stitch and play doll. How could they thought me as a tomboy. That’s me until i step Junior High School.

The old of me suddenly disappear when I was in the Senior High School. I think it the worst moment in my life. I met bunch of people who really hate me, I didn’t know why they hate my personality so much. I swore their personality more bad than me. They like to teased and pressured me. They didn’t bad things like a physical abuse but what they have said and how they treat me, make me traumatized. But in the front of people I pretend to be strong, I don’t want to depend to anyone. But because of it, I can’t express myself. My cheerful side was gone. I turn to be a socially awkward person. I didn’t have confidence and always think everything that i did would make everyone hates me. Since I didn’t want to acted like to please everyone, I’d rather withdraw from society than being two faced. Continue reading

Jalan-jalan musim dingin ke Jepang

Apa yang dilakukan seorang mahmuda alias mamah muda setelah semua kerjaan domestik-nya selesai. Ada yang leyeh-leyeh nyantai nonton acara gocip, ada yang baca buku, ngerjain hobby kerajinan tangan, pergi ke pengajian (Subhanallah!), ngeblog/blogwalking, atau nonton drama Asia. Kalo aku sih yang terakhir lah ya, cintaku pada drama Asia pantang surut kayaknya ahahahhahahakss *jujur. Kemarin aku ber-nostalgia nonton dorama-nya Takuya Kimura dan Takako Matsu zaman muda duluuuu. Hayyoooo tebak, ayolaaaaah tebaaaakk, tebaaakk dooooonggg. Ah, yang suka nonton dorama Jepun mesti taulah ya, aku nonton ulang dorama LOVE GENERATION. Kyaaaaakkkkkk. Itu dorama emang favoritku, dan duo pairing itu kenapa sih ga kewong aja di dunia nyata, secara udah klop banget gitu chemistry-nya *ngotot.


Jadi di dorama Love Generation itu cinta bersemi di musim dingin. Terus banyaklah scene yang menggambarkan suasana dan pemandangan Jepang pas lagi musim dingin. Dan, aku naksiiiiirrrr. Kok indah banget ya, suasanyanya tuh putih bersih, dan syahdu, MasyaAllah. Aku kan jadi pengen ngerasain suasana romantis di musim dingin sama suami. Biar bisa kejar-kejaran ala-ala film India di lahan yang saljunya udah numpuk, terus nanti lempar-lemparan salju, terus suamiku terpana ngeliat pipiku yg merona merah kedinginan, terus… teruusss…. teruusssss…. *imajinasi harus dihentikan sebelum makin liar. Wakakkaka. Ya gitu deh, kayaknya musim dingin di Jepang itu enak banget suasananya, walaupun dingin banyak aktivitas seru yang bisa dilakukan.

Kalo boleh ngimpi nih yaaa, seandainya aku liburan musim dingin di Jepang hal pertama yang aku lakukan adalah jalan-jalan ke Sapporo dan Otaru. Setiap tahunnya di musim dingin selalu diadakan Festival Salju Sapporo (Sapporo Yuki Matsuri). Festival ini udah ada sejak tahun 1950. Asal mulanya sih ada sekelompok anak SMA yang membuat patung-patung salju. Lama kelamaan kebisaan membuat patung dari salju tersebut diperbesar dan dijadikan event komersil sehingga menarik banyak turis dan wisatawan. Yang pastinya festival ga boleh dilewatkan karena kita bakalan menyaksikan kreativitas seniman patung salju Jepang yang jempolan.


Ini nih karakter Luffy dari One Piece favoritnya suami.


Kalo ini karakter favoritku, bocah ceriwis Maruko-chan.

Satu lagi festival musim dingin yang ga boleh dilewatkan adalah The Otaru Snow Light Path Festival (Otaru Yuki Akari no Michi) yang juga diadakan setiap bulan Februari, di festival itu kita disuguhi keindahan kota berselimut salju yang dihiasi biasan cahaya lampu dan patung-patung salju kecil. Festival Salju Sapporo dan  The Otaru Snow Light Path Festival diadakan di waktu yang sama dan lokasinya lumayan dekat, jadi ini memudahkan kita untuk mengunjungi dua festival ini dalam satu kali perjalanan. Transportasinya juga ga ribet karena bisa naik Japan-Rail yang dikelola oleh East Japan Railways Company (JR East). Continue reading

[EF#5] BEC is my new charming friend !

Firts of all… Dear BEC, i want to say sorry for this late post.

Honestly, I kind of moody person. If I didn’t have topic or idea, I just left my blog without any update for weeks even months. But no matter how I’m freaking lazy or not desire to write something, I have tried to keep my blog released new post in every month. I need some inspirations or ideas to makes me willing to write.

I feel gratitude for brothers and sisters that brilliant to make this Blog English Club. Thank you brothers and sisters !. That is good thing for me to accept the challenge, it’s gives me ideas to write and it will make my blog keep alive. For me BEC is like a charming new friend that make me want to stick as long as possible. BEC also gives me encourage to be confidence to try writing in English. Because of BEC I met many determined bloggers who wants to learn and improve their English together through challenge. It’s amazing !.

BEC let’s be friends together. I would like to stay committed to you.

[EF#4 Challenge] Grab A Tool From Doraemon’s Magic Pocket!

Assalamualaikum… Thank’s God It’s Fridaaaaayyyy !.

The memory still linger in my head. In every monday morning, I stayed in front of television without took a bath or changed the clothes. I waited for my favorite animation series, Doraemon!. I even still memorize the opening song. The opening song was easy listening, the lyrics attached in your brain like a gum. Whenever I reminded the soundtrack, it gave me cheerful feelings. I thought Doraemon was the most favorite animation series of all kids in the 90’s.

Too bad… when I grew up as adult, I couldn’t watch that series anymore. I wonder if that series still airing. Recently, I watched the Doraemon movie “Stand By Me”. The animation quality much better than before.

Oh well, I almost forget about the point of this post. This is about English Friday Challenge, I feel bad because I missed the last EF challenge. I just didn’t get about gadget stuff (that’s my problem). So, I felt relieved when I found out the theme of this week was not difficult as before. The theme for this week is Grab a Tool from Doraemon’s magic Pocket. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa. It just something that I really want to do in the real life. Errrr… I wish *grin.


Source :

So, if I could grab a tool from Doraemon’s magic pocket. I would take a “The Anywhere Door”. With that door, I could travel to anywhere that I want. I don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort to saving money. I don’t have to buy the plane ticket, no need to waste a lot of energy, and I can take all my family travel to their favorite places without afraid about run out of money !. That is very practical. Oh my, I’m dreaming again !.

But let’s back to the real life, in every action there is consequence. If I had “The Anywhere Door” as a tool to make me easy to travel, I would missed the essence of a journey. The effort, the experience, the spirit, and the excited feelings along journey. Because the happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. So I think my life is going okay without “The Anywhere Door”.

If you were me, what the tools from Doraemon’s pocket that you want to grab ?
Let’s join us, and write your story !

[EF#2 Challenge] My Wildest Dream


Here I am, writing for Blog English Challenge !. In this 2nd week, English Friday’s theme is  “what’s your wildest dream“. It’s pretty hard. Frankly I don’t know if my dreams are including in the category of wild dreams, because my dreams just relatively plain ordinary though it’s difficult to be realized. If I looked back when I was kid, I had so much dream. The dreams always changes constantly like seasons.

First, I was want to be a cartoonist. Because I was totally in love watch anime and read manga at that time !. I remember it clearly, whenever I had stuck with one of subject in the class, I just spend my time with read manga or draw a picture of animation characters in my notebook. I even didn’t listen the subject that my teacher taught. Some people said my sketch pretty good, it make me brave to take an order to draw some characters from my friends. I earn extra pocket money from it. By the times gone, my interest to manga or anime stuff fall off. So, the dream to be a cartoonist fade away from my head.

Second, I was want to be an author of fiction. I don’t know why it’s seems impossible for me, it just something that I could’t reach. Why ?. Author of fiction should have to a wild imagination to make great story. They should have smart brain because they need to learn many things even do some research to support the story. I think the authors has definitely read the tons of books, the dictionaries. They had to face the various incredible experience as source of ideas. I don’t have that qualifications. Now, I just sit on my place and always be a fan of the great stories that written by the favorite authors.

Third, I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to open a small craft business, because I found my passion in making handicraft. Honestly, I don’t have background as a businessman, I don’t know how about business strategy, then I naturally feel anxious if what I want not work as expected. But this time, I need to just do it and not hold my pace to try. So, I start to think of the possibility to sell the products via internet, since the time to work more flexible and more easier than open a real shop. I wish I can make this dream happen. Guys,  please wish me luck :).

That’s all, I wish my dreams are wild enough for this challenge. Kekekkeke. How about you ?