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[Book Review] Laughing All The Way to the Mosque

Hi, Assalamualaikum. Ramadhan Mubarak everyone ! It has been a joy to get know this book and read the whole hilarious memoir of Zarqa Nawaz. The book tells about her life experience as a Canadian Asian-Muslim living in the twenty-first century. No, this book isn’t like motivational or educational type. This book more like a witty honest confession of Muslimah. I couldn’t put down this book until I finished.

I picked up this book from my favorite bookshop (Harper Bookstore) for some reasons. I want to know how to live as a Muslimah in Non-Muslim Country based by a real Muslimah’s point of view. I want to know how they are living at different society. I want to know, how Muslimah can get a higher education and freedom to do career or business in the foreign country. Because all I heard is so many Muslimah that live in Non-Muslim Country get ‘a special treatment’  after September 11th attacks. I just can’t close my eyes when the world turn to be Islamopbhobic, and like everybody seems in high alert to Muslim or maybe just because we looks “different”, a stranger which isn’t a white-skin, and covered all over of the body.

Zarqa Nawaz is best known as creator of the TV show Little Mosque on the Prairie. She is also celebrating her first book, Laughing All the Way to the Mosque. Source :

Zarqa Nawaz is an honest and sharp-minded. She can write ever detail small her deep thoughts and daily experience with a funny way. She had so many question about religion and she just can’t stop to get the answer. She is a truth-seeker. Maybe for some other conservative Muslims (include me) as woman her act is too far. But I appreciate it. Sometimes you need someone to speak your mind when you are too coward (or shy) to do it. Right ?

My favorite parts in this books are :

  • Medical school rejects. She talks about when she get rejection letter from the University of Toronto’s med school. It destroy her family dreams to see her become a doctor then she takes a chance to be a journalist and ended become a filmmaker.

  • Meeting Sami. In this part, she reveals getting pressure from her family to get married ASAP. She is so struggle to find the right man to be a partner of life. And how she met her husband, Sami. It’s so cute !. I quoted the satire conversation about Zarqa and her mom, because i think her mom got a point about marriage issue.

“Both of my parents firmly believed an arranged marriage was why they were still together. “Dating is the reason relationships fall apart,” she’d tell me. “All this talking and getting to know each other in a love marriage. And what happens ? You’re still dissapointed. If you have an arranged marriage, you don’t call it dissapointment, you call it a husband.”

“How could you marry someone you never saw before ?” I asked her. It just boggled my mind.

“That’s the way things were back then,” she said. “Love come afterwards.”

She had a point. They had been together for twenty-five years.

“Why can’t love come first?” I asked.

“White people fall in love beforehand,” said my mother, “and they still get divorced. So one method isn’t superior to the other. I had a suspicion that she thought her method was superior”(Nawaz 61).”

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