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[Book Review] Eleanor and Park

Last month, showered by fierce afternoon sunlight I went to my favorite book shop in town to hunt a new book. I saw Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell which is a popular book, it got high rate in Goodread and people said it superb. Then, I bought it. I had a habit to check my wish-list book in Goodread to convince me that book was worth to buy or not. Because, I didn’t want to make my every single penny spent useless if I didn’t like the book content.

So, I took about two weeks to finished the whole book. Eleanor and Park present the unusual first love story with extraordinary protagonist. The author brings us to travel back to the past at 1986. There’s no smartphone to play digital song, but Walkman. And I love it. It feels vintage. So, let me give you a quick introduce for our protagonists :

Eleanor Douglas is a big girl with freckles skin and crazy flaming red hair, beside that her fashion taste so ‘different’. She wears men’s clothing. She is a broken home family member, her mom married again with an evil man, Richie. Her stepdad is a terrible guy who act like a King just because he feed her mom and her siblings. The fact is her family so poor even they couldn’t supply her with shampoo or a toothbrush. Eleanor spends most of her time at home trying to be as invisible as possible. But his step-dad never let her in peace. He constantly make her family in horror state.

“Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.” ― Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park

Park Sheridan, he is mixed blood (Irish dad, Korean mom) and unlike his younger brother Josh, he looks more Korean than anything else. Park thought he is an outsider. He hates sports but he takes taekwondo, and he’s great at it. He doesn’t like partying, girls, or the social scene at his school, and he’s just popular enough not to get teased by other kids. He’s obsessed by music, he loves comic books, something that he will share with Eleanor. Continue reading