[EF#16] – Greed Over Small Gains, Brings Big Losses


Because there were some circumstances i couldn’t join the English Friday’s challange. And now, I can participate again. It feels awkward and confusing to make a sentence after a long time not write anything in English. I realize my English skill not become better. So sad. But at least, I tried. Okay, theme of this week is to tell about your favorite Indonesian tales, also the values that you can get from it to be applied in our life.

And, my favorite Indonesian tale is “Lebai Malang” from West Sumatra. He is an unfortunate man because of his own actions.


lebai malang

pict source : tunasasterarakyat-2010.blogspot.com

Once upon a time there was a man who lived on the bank of a river. He was a religious teacher, then people called him “Lebai”.

One day, Lebai received an invitation to the feast of two rich people from neighbour villages. Unfortunately, the feast was going on the same hour of the same day. Lebai thought about the profit of each invitation. He wasn’t able to make decisions which village to visit first. He thought, if he went to the feast in upstream village the host would give him presents two head buffalo head. However, he wasn’t familiar with the host. According to the news, the upstream village cuisine wasn’t as good as the downstream village cuisine.

If he went to the feast in downstream village, he would be rewarded with a tasty cooked buffalo head. He also knew the host very well. However, the host at upstream village will give him additional pastries. Until he began paddling the boat to the place of the feast, he hasn’t been able to decide which feast will be chosen.

First, he pedaled his boat headed upstream village, then on the way he changed his mind. He turned his boat paddle headed downstream village. Once he arrived at the downstream. He saw some guests headed upstream. The guest said that the buffalo which slaughtered there was very thin. Then, he changed the direction of his boat towards the upstream. After he arrived at the edge of upstream village, he saw the guests left the host’s home, the feast was over.

Lebai quickly pedaling his boat to the village downstream. Unfortunately, the feast also was over. Lebai didn’t got a buffalo head just like that he wants. At that time he was very hungry, so he decided to fishing and hunting. He brought supplies of rice and his beloved dog.

He was fishing for awhile and his hook eaten by fish. But the hook caught in the riverbed. Then, Lebai plunge into the river to take the fish. But, the fish escape. The dogs which he left on the boat ate his rice supplies. In the end, he got nothing. So, because of his misfortune fate, people gave him the nickname “Lebai Malang”.


The value that we can take from the story is don’t be a greedy human over something. Because greed is bad trait that will harm yourself. From what i see, greedy people will never be happy because they don’t know how to be grateful. Be people who are sincere and grateful, then our lives will filled with blessings. I hope the story above can be a reflection for our lives.


20 thoughts on “[EF#16] – Greed Over Small Gains, Brings Big Losses

    • Yes, when i was kid this story left big impression on me. It make me feel how pitiful Pak Lebai, but he had that condition because his greedy. So, i dont want to be person like him.

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