[EF#5] BEC is my new charming friend !

Firts of all… Dear BEC, i want to say sorry for this late post.

Honestly, I kind of moody person. If I didn’t have topic or idea, I just left my blog without any update for weeks even months. But no matter how I’m freaking lazy or not desire to write something, I have tried to keep my blog released new post in every month. I need some inspirations or ideas to makes me willing to write.

I feel gratitude for brothers and sisters that brilliant to make this Blog English Club. Thank you brothers and sisters !. That is good thing for me to accept the challenge, it’s gives me ideas to write and it will make my blog keep alive. For me BEC is like a charming new friend that make me want to stick as long as possible. BEC also gives me encourage to be confidence to try writing in English. Because of BEC I met many determined bloggers who wants to learn and improve their English together through challenge. It’s amazing !.

BEC let’s be friends together. I would like to stay committed to you.


9 thoughts on “[EF#5] BEC is my new charming friend !

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