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[EF#4 Challenge] Grab A Tool From Doraemon’s Magic Pocket!

Assalamualaikum… Thank’s God It’s Fridaaaaayyyy !.

The memory still linger in my head. In every monday morning, I stayed in front of television without took a bath or changed the clothes. I waited for my favorite animation series, Doraemon!. I even still memorize the opening song. The opening song was easy listening, the lyrics attached in your brain like a gum. Whenever I reminded the soundtrack, it gave me cheerful feelings. I thought Doraemon was the most favorite animation series of all kids in the 90’s.

Too bad… when I grew up as adult, I couldn’t watch that series anymore. I wonder if that series still airing. Recently, I watched the Doraemon movie “Stand By Me”. The animation quality much better than before.

Oh well, I almost forget about the point of this post. This is about English Friday Challenge, I feel bad because I missed the last EF challenge. I just didn’t get about gadget stuff (that’s my problem). So, I felt relieved when I found out the theme of this week was not difficult as before. The theme for this week is Grab a Tool from Doraemon’s magic Pocket. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa. It just something that I really want to do in the real life. Errrr… I wish *grin.


Source : m.kaskus.co.id

So, if I could grab a tool from Doraemon’s magic pocket. I would take a “The Anywhere Door”. With that door, I could travel to anywhere that I want. I don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort to saving money. I don’t have to buy the plane ticket, no need to waste a lot of energy, and I can take all my family travel to their favorite places without afraid about run out of money !. That is very practical. Oh my, I’m dreaming again !.

But let’s back to the real life, in every action there is consequence. If I had “The Anywhere Door” as a tool to make me easy to travel, I would missed the essence of a journey. The effort, the experience, the spirit, and the excited feelings along journey. Because the happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. So I think my life is going okay without “The Anywhere Door”.

If you were me, what the tools from Doraemon’s pocket that you want to grab ?
Let’s join us, and write your story !