My bucket list of dreams :)

Every single person do have a dream, so did i. Honestly i’m not typical of good muslimah. Even others will know it just from a single glance, but there’s a pieces in my heart that really loves about the religion stuff. Learn about religion stuff is soooo interesting beb !. Call me naive, but i believe that we can make a peace and better world if we doing things according religion rules properly. Since Allah has make a very brilliant rules, so that we never ever loss just with follow it. But in reality sometimes it hard to practice, yeah it’s seem like an excuse but we all as human have a bad side or unconsciously  being selfish. But hey as long we stay on the straight path it will minimize a chance to make an awful things. Wish we all wants to open mind and heart to realizes our fault then it’s must be easy to change become more better person. Hmppph… why suddenly the prologue become so long ?. I’m sorry for babbling :P.

I kind of woman who really easy to please, i naturally happy just because of the simple things, Alhamdulillah. Now i’m very happy, so many things that i must to grateful for example living with my parents after live far away from them for years, and always keep contact with my bestfriends. But, somehow the other side of mine feel like i’m incomplete. So i thought these are the things that i’m dreaming of to make me completely happy.

First, i wish to meet with Mr. Right a.k.a my future husband. I dream about someone who want to share his life with me. It will be good if he had mild, patient personality and capabilty to lead me to be a good wife since sometimes i’m being stubborn, hahahhaha. And the most important i wish he’s someone who always making me eager to do worship to Allah and warn about the another life, the afterlife. Aamiin.


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Second, i want to cover my aurah properly just like a suggestion from Rasulullah, i call it simply “baju sunnah”. I usually wear a long khimar and long clothes like a gamis, abaya, long skirt + loose fitting blouse. But, i want to do it better, if there’s chance i want to wear niqab too (niqab is a cloth to cover the face, Indonesians call it “cadar”). But at this time i just want to wear “baju sunnah” only. The biggest burden for me to wear it, i’m afraid can’t being istiqomah (oh please it maybe just my silly excuse). Occasionally the environment, the people treat woman who wears “baju sunnah” like a stranger, they keep staring at them and make them feel so uncomfortable. Sometimes it really hurts when people calls the woman who wears it as “ninja or terrorist”. Oh dear, i’m muslim and you are muslim. Why you said bad things to others who covered her aurah properly, but you feel okay to others who opened aurah freely. Please, change your mind beb !. Yeah since i don’t have a strong mentality, i thought i’ll wear it later after i have a husband who’ll defend and support me (another childish excuse). Aamiin. *need to find that kind of man ASAP ! XD


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Third, i want to have many son and daughter. Since i only have one brother it feel so lonely when he’s not around. And i can feel my parents feel lonely too after their kids grew older and live separate to school. So, because of that i really want to have big family. I believe with terms “banyak anak banyak rezeki”. Hahahaha. I love kids so much. I want to raise them in islamic environment. Teach to them of the basic of Islamic knowledge such a tauhid, history of Prophet and Shahabah, also read Al-Qur’an. And i’ll teach them about manner first.


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Fourth, I want to go pilgrimage to Mekkah-Madinah with all of my family at least once in a lifetime. Sometimes i feel envy and happy to the bones to the people which is going there. Envy just because i don’t have chance to go there yet. But feeling happy because of i can asked them to pray for my goodness in front of Ka’bah and they’ll give me much souvenirs and zamzam water, hehhehehhehe. I think it takes a long time for me to go there, i’m not from rich family. So me and family must do saving our money for five decade. Hahahaha. Oh i’m sorry for being exaggerate.


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Fifth, i consider our life is limited. How long we can live in this world ?. One day we all will die and live in another world called “the afterlife”. I’m so scared but also wondered how life in afterlife. I don’t know where Allah will placing me. Naar (hell) or Jannah (paradise). But as a muslim we all must be want to live in Jannah, that our ultimate goal from this mortal life right ?. Even thinking about the afterlife makes me feels want to cry (Oh Allah please forgive all of my sins). I want to be in jannah, be together forever in jannah, be friends in jannah, be neighbours in jannah with all of the people that i loved most. Oh yeah, i’ll pray it for you too all my sister and brother in Islam. May we meet and live together in there, in beautiful and peace Paradise.


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That’s all of my rambling bucket lists of dreams, these dreams are stuck in my mind. I can’t handle myself to not type it here. I just share it here to express myself. So thank you so much for reading. I’m sorry for bad grammar, i’m not good in english anyway. I wish you all who read this entry and kindly pray for my dreams to be comes true. I’ll pray you too, May Allah reward you with goodness.

جزاك اللهُ خيراً

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9 thoughts on “My bucket list of dreams :)

  1. amy syahmid May 7, 2014 at 11:52 am Reply

    Amin YRA

    • Eka Azzahra May 7, 2014 at 11:53 am Reply

      Aamiin 🙂 Thank you Amy !

      • amy syahmid May 7, 2014 at 11:56 am

        ur welcome 🙂

  2. rinasetyawati May 7, 2014 at 11:57 am Reply

    aamiin, semoga terwujud segala harapan yaaa…

  3. jampang May 8, 2014 at 7:34 am Reply

    meski nggak semuanya sayangerti. tapi saya mengaminkan setiap keinginan dan doa yang baik di atas 😀

  4. Ceritaeka May 8, 2014 at 11:39 am Reply

    Goodluck for all of your dream list. Amen!

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