10 Fabulous Tips to get Organised

I checked my Tumblr dashboard and got a very useful tips to be organized. Since i’m very messed up person, i think this tips will very useful for me. So for my sake, i save that tips here as reminder and of course to share with you all…


1. Wake up for fajr, fulfil this major for religious obligation.

2. Manage your time, set deadlines for each task.

3. De-clutter surroundings, pre-occupation of your mind.

4. Priorities work, maintain checklists in order of importance.

5. Take prompt actions, the more you pile up work, the more cluttered your mind will become.

6. Designate days.

7. Centralize schedules, keep all of your schedule appointment lists in one place.

8. Designate area, have specific selves, container, drawers, and trays for item of daily use.

9. Avoid time killers, limiting technology use.

10. Track progress, infroms you what needs to be done in order to improve even more.

Source : procuctivemuslim.Tumblr

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