Stay Strong Andy !!!


I think if you interested enough with K-Pop, you’ll know what happens to my oppa. Yeah, since i’m a good fan, i hate to write that bad news here. If you curious, go to search in google or whatever site that brought you into K-Pop news sites. I was completely shocked, and still hard to accepted this. Honestly, this is the second big ‘surprise’ that broke my heart because love that i put onto my Idol. First, when Yoochun closed his twitter account when i’m in the peak love him sincerely. And the second is right now, when i start to love this guy, i got a slapped by this bad news. Very very bad. It just ruin my mood, and make my crybaby for awhile. I’m childish, i know it, so please don’t ever try say that to me.

Before the final news comes out, when they started to investigate him, honestly i feel he did it. But, since i thought he is an adult who responsible enough for his life. Then, he did it just for fun a long time ago around (he did it in Army around June 2010 – March 2011), and use his own money, so it’s not a big deal. It feel ridiculous for me, why this bad news out when Andy and Shinhwa in the peak of their successful comeback. It smell like a conspiracy, but they have an authority to take an action to punish him.

Yeah, tiny pieces in my heart agree for their decision to punish him, because i know it will gonna be very bad habit for Oppa. But, punish him at this time and make him stopped from all his activities is very very harsh punishment. It’s kinda cruel. Oh, i’m going insane. How can i watched Shinhwa Broadcast if you and Dongwannie oppa not be there. ShinBang won’t be the same. Even you not talk a lot or just standing there to watch your Hyung make a joke, it’s enough for me… *start to cry again.

I wish Shinhwa Changjo not going to hate Andy Lee. Please be more considerate, everyone make a mistake, right ?. I know his action is very make us disappointed. But, Andy Lee must be feel very down. The timing brought him in very unlucky situation. Right before MAMA award, Shinhwa maybe will lose it, but do you even care about it ?. I bet Andy oppa already felt bad enough to his Hyung and us. So, please keep all of your negative comment to him.

I’m disappointed to you oppa, i’m very angry… but my love more bigger. I’m not trying to pour salt on his wounds, but why he didn’t learn anything from Hyesung?. But what’s happened has happened and it’s no use going over the “what ifs”. So, I’ll support you, please be strong and realize your mistake. Take this circumstance as a lesson. And never ever do that again, i know that your business, your privacy. But it brings you into addicted and turns to be a bad habit. Life in entertainment industry sometimes gonna be so cruel, oppa. You must avoid every chance for anyone to destroy your career. Please take this time to reflect and please come back with a better Andy.

I know, Eric, Minwoo, Dongwan, Hyesung and Junjin will hug you, uri maknae. They can scold him and whack his kiwi head, or kick him, but they’ll hug and kiss him after. Shinhwa is legend. Shinhwa has overcome so many trials and this issue will definitely not the one that can beat them. They cannot be defeated with this.


I know Hyung will be there for you…

Be strong oppa !!!

Sincerely, i’ll support you until you comeback again.

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