Hey September !


Hey September, please be easy to me. Don’t walk too fast, i’m afraid i can’t catch you up and get lost. My body, please don’t be sick, my mind please stay clear and bright.

All i know, i must wide awake until September ends. I try to collect all of my strength and keep myself focus to the goal. I’ve got sleepless night just think about my final project, it make me tired. Huh, i think my heart will burst because of nervous, scared, and craziness. If i’m not hold it, my tears would be like a waterfall because i was too coward to fight.  But, stop all the complains, just keep positive thinking, try to do it as calm as possible. No more playing, no more laziness, no pain no gain.

Just do it now !


2 thoughts on “Hey September !

  1. kebomandi September 1, 2013 at 3:04 pm Reply

    seperti tag nya : semangat skripsi :3

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