Writing Challenge #5 ~ Write a letter to anybody

A letter for Mamak
Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh …

Mak, it has been two months i live with you. I see the really bitter reality you’ve been through all this time. Eventhough i knew it since long time a go, i always pretend not see, i ignore it. Mak, all i know you’ve been sacrificed your life, happiness, and you use all your strength to make us one. You are the saviour for our family. Mak, i feel terribly sorry… I’m not stand by your side when you face the bad things alone.

“Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: “We believe,” and will not be tested.”
– Surah Al-Ankabut, ayat 2.

Mak, please accept it heartfully, everything bad happens to us is test from Allah Subhanahu wata’ala. If we pass through this, we’ll become a better human, InsyaAllah.

Mak, you getting older, now you have a lot of grey hair. I see the wrinkles in your face, but you always look beautiful. Sometimes you are suffering because pain in your bones, but you always pretend to strong . Mak, your touch always warm, it make me wanna sleep beside you, so i can hugs you tightly. Mak, please take care your health, please take care yourself better than others. If you are sick, our house feel dying, hopeless. Mak, i want you always beside me, to be witness of my future life. I want you see me marry, holding hands with my spouse, having  a child, and become an adult whom you can rely on. Mak, i wish i can visit you more often. I’ll help you to cook, clean our house, and massage your feet at night. 

Mak, you said “My happiness is seeing my child grows up become a better person who have good life, i don’t care about mine”. Mak, i gonna make your wish come true.  I’ll study hard, fight to the end to graduated from this university and reach my dreams. I’ll show you mak, i gonna be independent woman whom can brings happiness and joy in our family. I gonna be strong woman like you, no matter how pain and difficult my ways i won’t surrender. I don’t want to cry, i don’t want to ask your help, i’ll face it alone, i don’t wanna make you worry about me. I won’t let your tears fall again.

Mak, thank you for life lessons that you’ve taught me since i was kid. I know life never runs smooth, but all the hardship make us more strong and sturdy. Hateful never make  life feel peace, forgiveness is the better way. Never put your happiness to other, to human,it will brings a disapointed but created by yourself. Whenever i feel want to give up, i’ll remember you, because you are my reason to keep focus, cheerful, and enjoy my days. Mak, as your daughter i feel proud with your fighting spirit. It’s very lucky to be a daughter from the great mother like you. Please always pray for me, your pray is light for my way, source of my spirit . Mak, may Allah always bless your life, may Allah grant a big reward for your patience, for your dedication to take care our family, and for raise your kids with love.

Mak, this letter can’t express my whole feelings towards you. But, i love you so much, you have gone through hardship so much.

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh…

Note :

– Mamak or mak is Indonesian traditional terms for mother.
– Sorry for my lack grammar and vocabulary.

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