My bestfriend

These books are my bestfriend. From the apperance its not attractive, but these books really good friends who keep my secret carefully. Since I was kid, I really love write to daily journal. I don’t know why, but when I have ability to read, I start want to write my own short story but end up with failed. My stories not focus in one subject, always too many topic and I can’t decide how to end the story. So seems I find other interest, write a poetry in my journal. After that without I realize, I like to write everything happens in my life.


My journal books from 2003-2012

I write many poetry when I was in primary school and I used to be winner in some read poetry contest. When I was kid, I have big confidence and brave, I’m not shy person like now. Everytime I read my journal, I see my life completely change, I’ve became really diferent  person. Yeah, time and everything happened in our life left something in our mind and heart, it make us change slowly. These days, I no longer like to write poetry,  too hard for me to compose the beautiful words. Now, I just a connoisseur of beautiful poetry, understand its meaning, and make it as a quote.

I’m not write journal everyday but just like a habit, I do it regularly, approximately once a week or when there is something important happen. Write journal almost same like write in this blog. I feel free to express my self. But in journal more private and no one allowed to read it. It contains a lot of anger expressions and secrets. Too danger, even it will make the reader feel hurts, sometimes the honest can make you feel the real heartache. Hahahaha. But, in the blog I try only share something general post, informative, beneficial, or it contains life lessons

When i read my old journals, i feel back to the past. I see my self when I wrote all my experiences, such as : i study hard only the lessons that i like, my favorite bicycle, clothes that I love, friends that made me happy also cried, my stupid puppy love, my childish mindset, good and bad thing I ever did, my happiness and sadness the i’ve experienced, even when I made my parents angry. Almost everything in my life that I wrote make me learn from what happened in the past. So, all I can say my journals are my bestfriends who can reflected what I’ve done without make me feel guilty, but make me growth up to be a wise person…

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