The 23rd

Woahhh… I’ve been so lazy writing blog these days, I just don’t have mood for write anything. Yeah, finally two days ago I was 23 years old officially !. All my best friends in boarding house and -someone who close to me over five years ♥- gather to gave me a surprise. It made me absolutely shocked but I  also felt happy, awkward and shy. They gave me a very delicious chocolate cake, and beautiful gift. Hehehe. Oooh so sweet they are. I really loves and thankful with them a lot.

Let's eat the cake !!!

Let’s eat the cake !!!

Gift from my friends.  Two lovely veil and a dazzling brooch  ^___^

I crush on this brooch, so pretty !

Honestly, I really didn’t care about my  birthday. Since I was kid, my parents never put a birthday party into something  that you must celebrate. On my birthday, my mother would cook a special food or cake for me, and my father give me a lots of  treasure advice to through the life. Thus, all their treatment made me into such a cold person plus I can’t remember the day or date properly.

So mostly I always missed a chance to celebrate everyone’s  birthday and  let go of their birthday without said anything. What kind of friend am I ?!. No, not I didn’t care about them, but I didn’t knew why I could be like this 😦 ! It really made me into the trouble. Oh everyone, I’m so sorry for my lack memories. All my friends already understand about it, so they didn’t complain it. But, it made me reaally feel sorry. In the future, I will more considerate and make a note about important day, including the birthday everyone who closest to me. So please forgive me…

 I am grateful to Allah Subhanahu wata’ala with His kindness and generosity I could live well until this time. Only with the permission of Allah Subhanahu wata’ala  I could learn many things in this world and make me know the purpose of creating of mankind. Yeah, we created only to believe and worship to Allah. I feel blessed, I have many a nice people around me. My family, my friends, and -someone who close to me over five years ♥-. So many people that filled my life with happiness. I can’t repay everyone’s  kindness but I’m sure Allah will reward all of you with the best way. Aamiin.

Since I getting older, I wish i can  finish my final project (skripsi) and graduate next year.  I wish I can worship  to Allah more better, more diligent, and more sincere. And I want to continue to learn religious knowledge. I also want to be able to memorize some important verses in the Quran. I want to be a better person who can make my parents feel proud, and useful to others. I want to spread smile and happiness to everyone around me. I want to reduce my temper and keep my words to not hurt others. And hopefully everything I plan run well. Help and grant me Ya Allah. Aamiin.

So, after the sweet surprise they gave to me, I treated them to eat chicken noodle as an expression of thankful. It sounded cheap and not fancy ? hehehe, I don’t have much money now, but I’ll treat them in the better place to eat when I have more money. I promise. Aaahh, I feel so blessed and happy. I got a quality time with my boarding house friends, talk and laugh a lot. It’s very good time.

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