Mom, I Found It…

Once again, I proved the miracle of destiny. What belongs to you it will comes to you. I’ve told you about my treasure ring that lost almost two month ago, and I found my ring back about one week ago ! It’s late… but not too late to Yeeeaaayyy 😀 !!!…  Alhamdulillahhi rabbil’alamiin. I’m very grateful to Allahu Subhanahu wata’ala The Almighty and The most merciful.

Please don’t look my dry skin 😦

Sometimes I feel ashamed, we usually easy to talk or write about our sadness but seldom to thanked to Allah that rescue us from sorrow. Astaghfirullah…  Please forgive my mistakes ya Allah ya Rabb.

And I also want to thanked to my landlord who help me to find my treasure ring. He even willing to be dirty to find it on the gross drains. He is really nice and careful landlord, he was like our father. You know how  i feel ??? Extremly happy ! Amazingly, I found it when I was absolutely willing to lose. Seems this ring ready to be mine forever. 🙂 So, It means I don’t make my mother upset, and i will be more careful to protect my ring. I even made a brace from red yarn so that not easily to fall out of my finger. So mom, don’t think i’m careless kid anymore ! Hehehhee… :p

a brace from red yarn

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