Sorry Mom, i lost it…

Yeah, I feel so sad now or maybe until few days later :(. I’ve lost my treasure gold  ring that my mother gave to me. Why I so careless ?. But, I think it’s not my mistakes, it’s destiny *just excuse :-|. Maybe,  the time for me to wear that ring was over. I believe what belongs to you it will comes to you. Now, that rings not mine anymore…

Fyi, this is the chronology, yesterday…  in one very hot afternoon I tried to clean myself and fingers became so sliperry. But suddenly less than a few seconds, my ring fell from my finger rolled over the floor and got into the drains. Oh my God ! I shocked and  thought  i could got a heartattacked instead !. Duh, I think my body became thinner these days, even my ring so loose in my finger. I tried to searched my ring, but seems it was immposible. My ring was gone, and I didn’t know where the end of the drain. So hopeless.

Now, what should i do ??? I scared… Oh mom, please forgive your careless daughter. Now, I don’t have a brave to make a confession to her. I sure, she will burst with anger to me, since she knew when I was a child I lost the gold ring too often. Now,  until  I became a young woman, I still can protect the precious thing that she gave to me. Oh really, please forgive me mother…

PS : Maybe, i’ll buy another ring that similar with the lost ring, i hope my mother doesn’t notice it. *bad girl !

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