Upset !

Have you ever feel so upset with individual’s performance ?… Maybe, not only this time, but I  too often  got trouble because of someone’s bad habit.  I hate someone who doesn’t have responsibility with works. Seems this person doesn’t have intention to work, and act like an innocent when make a mistake but don’t want to say sorry.  Is this person doesn’t know because of her negligence make me in this big trouble ?. Because of this person,  I must start all over again, cried all alone and scared if I would be failure. But I can’t do anything except tried to make myself  strong, calm down and patience…

From this situation, I took a lesson. I can’t play with responsibility, because so many people who rely on me will be dissapointed. Since responsibility also judged by Allah not only to humans. I don’t want to because of my performance, so many people feel ignored.  If I were her, I would be carry on all of my works seriously and responsibility. Some day I’ll try to make it happens… I know this is part of test of life, we will find so many the hard way. But if i tried to pass it through i’ll find the easy way. This is bitter and sweet of life. Okay get strong and cheer up !

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