The second week of holiday

This week little bit busy. Since my parents start to work after long holiday, so I’ll  help my mother to do all of household works. The good point in this holiday I can be good daughter who take care all of my mother housework. Since she so tired after work as a teacher, I hope she doesn’t need think about cook or clean the house. I want my mother have a time to rest. So I’ll handle it ! hehehe.

Honestly I don’t like cooking, but my parents said the food that I made pretty good. I hope they not lied just to make me happy, so I’ll learn to cook different food every day. This week i tried something new with my brother, we made a chocolate sponge cake. The appearance doesn’t look good, and it taste  less sweet. Seems i add to much margarine on it, so it taste little bit salty. But I think its good for newbie like me. Hohoho…

Mixed a dough

Mixed with liquid margarine and then blend it !

Baked a dough *poor my ugly cooking appliance, hehe

After 35 minute, finally done !

Please enjoy it ! 🙂

But, however I still feel bored. As you know internet was like a part of life. Although you can get news or information from TV but for me that’s not enough !. Here, I can’t access internet because I don’t have money to buy an internet package. Poor me !, since it’s holiday my parents doesn’t give me pocket money.  Aaargh, so many information that I missed, so many drama and videos that I can’t download. Sometimes I only access internet from my phone. So sad right !

And this week I pay for cost of college, hope it will be the last payment. I think my parent will kick me out if  I’m not graduate this year. Hehehe only joke !. Once I look at my facebook account, almost friend that I’ve know changed their photo profile. They have graduated from college. I little bit sad, not because I’m envy, but I feel guilty, I feel  pity to myself. Why my process to graduate take a long time. I think we all do the best from start but in the end we got different result. I realize,  that is destiny. You never know what will happens to you. So I feel happy for them, hope they will use their  knowledge to do good thing for society and find the good job.

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