The first week of Holiday

This is a long holiday for a new semester in my college. It means, I’ll stay at my home about 1 or 2 month. Now, I realize I’m not type of creativity person. After 1 week over I only think what the best activity to do. But, in the fact I just lie in my room, help my mother to do household works, re-read my old books, or re-watch some videos. Every day I start feels like a slow motion, and nothing special to do, oh poor me…

FYI, I grow up in the small town, where almost of the citizen are wanderer. Exactly, my friends not stay in this town for a long time, just like me they’ll follow their parents steps to become a wanderer (almost of them go to college or make a living in other city). So I really rare have a chance to see them except in Special celebration like a Lebaran.

Sometime, I feel strange when I walk out alone in here. I feel like an old generation who lost her friends. I don’t know where the place to visit, don’t know how to talk or make a friends with other because almost of them are children. Should I plays as a doctor or make a cake from soil with them ???. I really like children, but don’t have a good mood for play like that. So, better I stay at home, spend my time with bored to death or try something new, any idea ???

But, holiday is something that I must to grateful. This is rare condition where I can have quality time with family. Because Ramadhan will comes, I’ll find good activity to improve my performances of religious duty. I think, nothing to lose just enjoy this holiday !

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