Be a Good Person !

Maybe i was sensitive because PMS. But i reeeeaaaally must be share this out. Hey, have you ever feel hard to find someone who can you trust, someone who always beside you. Always ready to hear all of your story. Always wiped all of your tears, care when you fear or anxious. Want to heal of your sadness and hurts, have same idea and opinion about stuff.

Yeah, I feel it.

Am I wrong ??? I guess find friend to shares happiness is easy, but friends when we are down is hard.

Something that I’ve learned when I childhood is human must be sincerity, concern, respectful, appreciate each other. Sometime I feel bad, when I stop caring, stop hearing, stop talking, and stop helping each other. I feel it not useful since them not treat me like i do. Slowly but sure I was forget all stuff that I’ve learned. I think I become bad girl with a bad hearts.

Am I wrong ??? It just reflection all of my disappointed, I know that’s wrong, that’s bad.

I  don’t wanna be a bad girl who always feel disappoint and hate. I always have a question, why the way to be great person is so difficult ?. Build relation with human not easy. Every aspect can make you get trouble. I’m type person who always avoid problem and choose to silent. But some time i can’t silent, and i’m tired always be the one who succumb.

Hhhuuuufffttthhh… I feel so depressed right now !

But I got a quotes that motivate me to be good personality.

Keep steadfast when the other fragile.

Keep patient when the other emotions

Keep the spirit when the other desperate

Stay forgive even though it feels more painful


A sword is not made with a soft caress,

But by forging hammer and fire

And remember, a great person not created by the convenience, comfort and pleasure

I think I must practice this !. When someone insults do not reply to offensive, just think human mouth as the mouth of pitcher who only out the contents. Neither our words, only explain our hearts. Clean word out from a clean heart, dirty words only out from a dirty heart. Just be girl that always keep positive thinking, always forgive, and don’t feel ashamed to apologize.

Try to make yourself happy, because don’t anyone treat you better than yourself. Make a good relationship with God. Because only God know you so well and never make you dissapointed. And always try to follow the Prophet Muhammad personality. He has a great personality in the world !

I remember with one maxim “Gajah dipelupuk mata tampak, semut di seberang pulau tak tampak”,  It reminds me not always see of others mistake. i must try to find my mistake and repair it. I can’t judge everyone by the small mistaked.

I’m sorry if my words will be hurt you all, but sometimes I feel don’t know how to share with anyone…

Let’s be happy, positive thinking and spirit !

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