I saw the girl in front of mirror, she look at me so deeply, she talk to me…

You can lied to all the people

But not with yourself

You can’t hide your true feelings

You always wanted to tell the story about the piece of anxiety,

but you even have no brave to share

Only look at your eyes, I know…

Source of your anxious is sick because of love

I’m so angry, she too fast to judge me. But seems she really known everything in my mind. I just can talk to my self…

So what’s your problem ???

It’s not your business

Do you know everyone has experienced falling in love, loving, and loved

I’m just human not saint, I also feel it

But for me it was so painful

Every time I remember someone who I loved make me sad

Sad because this love doesn’t come at the right time

I felt so hypocritel and sinful

All I know love is sacred

All I know, we loved each other

I tired to always blame my self

Tired to always cry and feel so weak

Why woman must feel this misery !!!

I hope God makes us one

I pray that our relationship is strong and to be holy

Life so mysterious…

I never know where life’s journey take me

I’ll be patient waiting for that moment arrives

I know all will be beautiful at the right time

All I can do just to wait him…

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